AVAILABLE is a powerful, 6-week live group course for women who are sick of dating the wrong guys, ready for deep transformation, and determined to call in true love.

Pretty much my entire romantic career, I was the CEO of Unavailable.

I had a haunted-house style apartment in NYC decorated in all black everything, a gothic representation of my internal, highly emotionally void state.

I stuck to dating narcissists or engaging in noncommittal relationships as the thought of loving a man or being truly loved was not only unthinkable, it was triggering. One time a guy sent me flowers after a first date and I told him off, blocked him, and spent my following therapy session processing wtf my reaction was.

My heart was that fucked.

Engaged to her Soulmate

Tegan K.

When Morgan and I started working together, I hated men. I was so traumatized and hurt by them and that trauma had turned to hatred. Morgan taught me to love men again. She helped connect me to a trauma therapist that helped me heal my wounds. She taught me that I do not need to suppress my desire to be in a safe place with a man before sharing my body with him. Morgan taught me it is okay to feel safe being my authentic self. She helped me tap into my feminine and taught me to value my feminine qualities. Within two months I found my soul mate. I am now engaged and marrying the love of my life. This couldn’t have been possible without Morgan’s guidance, education and help.

After all of this experience, I couldn’t unsee the undeniable pattern that had formed in my life:

I, in fact, was the unavailable common denominator in all of these instances.

Prior to this realization, I was operating under the assumption that all of the men I had attracted were unavailable and it wasn’t a “me” problem. Once I radically accepted this reality, that I was in control of my own life and my partners were a reflection of my internal emotional state, I was relieved because I knew, after undergoing several transformations already, I could change myself.

If you’re dating unavailable partners, it means you, yourself, are unavailable.

And this is good news!

Because we cannot change other people but we can change ourselves.

Everything in our external reality is a reflection of our internal worlds and the beliefs we are operating on, ESPECIALLY our romantic partners.

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These are a reflection specifically into our shadow-selves, the parts of us we suppress and neglect. If we have unprocessed darkness living there, they will manifest into less than stellar partners.

In my quest to unfuck my heart

and heal so I was prepared for a loving partnership, I deconstructed what got me to the deeply fearfully avoidant place I had lived in my entire life.

I knew had to deal with very valid my baggage first. Growing up, my father was unavailable both emotionally and physically in large part as he was working the entire time.

My family life was also very emotionally dysfunctional and narcissistic so love was something unfamiliar and not something I associated with safety.

This led me to hate men, seek narcissists, and ultimately close myself off from the one thing I wanted somewhere in the shadows of my being: to be loved.

Dating Success

Anastasia D.

It’s the best advice I’ve read everywhere on the internet about femininity, female dating etc. It answers all my questions.

I dedicated my life to the study of love and the heart

...and being the self-experimenter that I am, I proceeded to try all the things and find out what worked for me, what was bs, and what was repeatable with other female clients I’ve coached.

I have fallen down rabbit holes including subconscious programming, divine feminine and masculine, embodiment, christianity, shadow work, psychotropic medication, tantra, feminist theory, girl-game, hypnotherapy, goddess mythology, plant medicine, quantum physics, and more.

I compiled all of my findings into one comprehensive course that takes you through the proven process of doing the often overlooked inner work in dating, shedding layers of your inauthentic self, stepping into your power, and calling love into your life.

From Shadow Work to Love

Samantha C.

Morgan is a powerful shadow worker. During our coaching sessions, I unearthed parts of myself I hadn't known existed prior. I discovered my true self and was able to call in a beautiful partnership 3 months after working together. Morgan taught me how to see and love ALL of me, and I was able to find a partner who reflected the same.

It is important to note that this is not totally a lecture-style, sit back and let me spoon feed information to you that will mostly go in one ear and out the other after a period of a few days class.

This course is:

• Highly interactive and requires not only your attention but your commitment to continuing the process outside of class time

• Group breakout sessions to do inner work with other classmates

• Supported with a mastermind partner. You will be given the option to pair off with another woman so you can support each other along this journey


  1. Sex Detox + Mindfulness

  2. Love: In Light and Shadow

  3. Feminine Energy Awakening + The Dark Feminine

  4. Healing Daddy Issues + Hatred of Men

  5. Bitch Rising: Boundaries + Chaos Purge

  6. Opening your Heart



Morgan May

Morgan May coaches women in business, marketing, dating, femininity, and overall transformation. She is an expert in all things strategy and self-mastery, guiding women to shed the layers of their inauthentic selves, reconnect to their truth, and become their greatest versions.