We are currently living in the most challenging dating environment in modern history.

Gender roles are blurred, optimism has waned, and it seems like everyone’s definition of modern love is different. More than any other generation, when it comes to romance, we find ourselves clueless about how to act, hopeless about viable options, and exhausted from even trying.

Women have no idea what men want or if they should even care about what men want.

Should we focus on being feminine and attractive? Should we own our masculine sides and pursue what we’re looking for? Is there a happy medium? And what's the point of any of these questions if we can’t get the one we want to swipe right anyway?

Enter your personalized feminine dating strategy, equipped to weather even the toughest dating market. It's time to adapt, to find your edge, and to play smarter, not harder.

This Masterclass combines the best practices of marketing strategy with the ancient principles of masculine and feminine energy, taking you through the proven process of:

• Identifying what you really want i.e. your core values

• Discovering your unique value offering

• Understanding your “consumer” (men)

• Cultivating the magic of femininity

• Setting you up for success in attracting a sustainable partnership

Class will be hosted LIVE on Saturday, 9/25, at 2:00pm EST

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Morgan May

Morgan May coaches women in business, marketing, dating, femininity, and overall transformation. She is an expert in all things strategy and self-mastery, guiding women to shed the layers of their inauthentic selves, reconnect to their truth, and become their greatest versions.


My 6-week live course, Available: Unfuck your Heart and Manifest the Love of your Life (Even if it’s Just You).

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